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Cameron Diaz stuffing her pussy with a dildo

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Cameron Diaz Porn Pictures

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Cameron Diaz worked her way up the Hollywood ladder when she began her career as a fashion model before she landed her first acting role with Jim Carey in the comedy “The Mask” until she blossomed into a well-seasoned actress appearing in big movies which made her win several awards and earned a number of nominations from respectable award-giving bodies. But there is definitely something about Cameron that makes her tick and it’s not just her slender, gorgeous figure and that pretty face… but it’s her big craving for sizzling hard sex that men all over the world would die just to taste Cameron in bed and have them stuff their cocks inside her hungry love holes! A picture is worth a thousand words, and Cameron’s porn pictures are worth gallons of cum spewing out from your cock when you get to see them at Cameron Diaz Porn Pictures.

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Caught in the act

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Cameron Diaz was spotted partying at a classy nightspot in West Hollywood. The actress was seen in the company of an unidentified girlfriend at Villa. The two preferred the privacy of a VIP booth in the company of their own friends rather than the crowded dance floor. As they danced together, one of her friends tried to lift the actress by the waist. She obliged and they danced for a while. Later she sat down once again to shimmy in the comfort of her chair.

It’s good to know Cameron is enjoying her nights out with her friends after her much publicized breakup with long time boyfriend Justin Timberlake. The pair split officially early last year after nearly four years together. She said in an interview with British GQ, “’s the first time I haven’t had a boyfriend in, like, ten years and I’m enjoying what I’m getting out of this moment.” Good for you Cameron. I can’t say the same to you JT.

Cameron and Criss

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Cameron Diaz and Criss angel was recently spotted together in Las Vegas. The pair ate dinner at Bellagio’s Prime steakhouse then went to the Mirage for the Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles tribute LOVE.

The two were seen arm-in-arm as they walked through the entrance of the theater. “They were snuggling with each other and he was making her laugh. They seemed really happy”, a witness said.

After the show, they went backstage to greet the cast before leaving and getting to Angel’s Rolls Royce, disappearing into an unknown location.

The pair met at the VH1 Rock Honors and later partied at the Jet Nightclub with Drew Barrymore, one of Cameron’s closest friends. She decided to extend her stay in Las Vegas as she let her friends leave on schedule. Maybe she had more plans with the famous illusionist. Turns out the pair did have plans.

They were again seen at celebrity hot spot Social House dining together. A witness said that the two arrived for dinner at around 6:30 P.M. and chatted over drinks at the restaurant’s lounging area. They then retreated into a private dining room overlooking The Strip. They sat together while eating their meal and acted very friendly and comfortable together.

After dinner, they went through town, stopping at PURE Nightclub at Caesar’s Palace, where they were seen cuddling in the VIP area and whispering into each other’s ears. They also went to the outdoor patio at PURE where, leaning over the rail, took in the busy sight at The Strip. They left the club but were seen shortly thereafter at Hard Rock Hotel’s Body English, still continuing their night together. Witnesses said the two were slow dancing at the club.

“Cam is an amazing person. I’m so honored to be able to call her my friend,” Criss said in an interview in the latest issue of PEOPLE. By friend we don’t know if Criss meant just friends, or special friends. A source close to the two said that when using the word we, the actress means her and Criss.

Maybe it’s too early to speculate. After all, the two might just be spending some time together, getting to know each other. Cameron just broke up with long-time boyfriend Justin Timberlake while Criss is separated from his estranged wife. Also, Cameron was seen surfing with buddy Kelly Slater. So maybe she’s just going around now, enjoying her newly found independence and joining the ranks of the single people out looking for fun. It’s a good thing for Cameron to actually meet new friends at the moment to help in the process of breaking up. Justin is busy touring and he said that it’s great to be working again. It helped him a lot to cope with the fresh breakup. So the two have their own lives now, although still staying friends and in contact with each other.

Justin and Cameron Break up

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The couple’s relationship has been the subject of countless rumors. From allegations of cheating on each other to announcements of wedding plans, the relationship withstood for nearly four years. But now, the pair officially called it quits.

In a statement issued by the couple, “It has always been our preference not to comment on the status of our relationship, but, out of respect for the time we’ve spent together, we feel compelled to do so now, in light of recent speculation and the number of inaccurate stories that are being reported by the media. We have, in fact, ended our romantic relationship, and have done so mutually and as friends, with continued love and respect for one another.”

For weeks, the tabloids have been rife with speculations about the rift between the two celebrities. They were last seen together in New York City before the holidays. Justin then went to Tennessee while Cameron opted to stay home in L.A. then go skiing Vail, Colorado for Christmas.

The couple also appeared in public engagements either alone or with the company of other friends but never together. Plus rumors of Justin partying and being comfortable in the company of other women have been circulating lately. In fact, Justin has been spotted partying with two blonde models in New York City. And he spent time with former girlfriend Veronica Finn during Christmas.

It’s official now. After four years, Cameron and Justin break up with one another. I believe that the two just realized that it’s time to move on. Maybe the age difference between them is a factor. Cameron is older than Justin by nine years. Justin seems to enjoy partying as he is still very young while Cameron on the other hand, prefers a laid back lifestyle now that she’s older and more mature. Her wild partying days might be over already. Her relaxation comes in the form of skiing or surfing nowadays. I guess the two realized their differences and decided that they just do not agree with each other anymore. Good thing they broke up in a nice way, issuing a formal statement for the benefit of the media and their fans. A close friend of Justin said, “They were laid-back together, so it’s not going to be an ugly breakup. This is just them realizing it was time to move on.” Well, Cameron’s single again folks.

“In Her Shoes” and growing up

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Cameron has been very busy this summer. She triumphed in her lawsuit over a photographer who blackmailed her and has been to Hawaii for a surfing vacation with Justin Timberlake. But she has not been doing movies since “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” and “Shrek 2”. Now she’s back opposite Toni Colette and Shirley Maclaine in the comedy “In Her Shoes”.

“In Her Shoes” is a movie about the falling out and eventual appreciation for each other between two sisters, Rose (Colette) and Maggie (Diaz). The reconciliation between the two sisters is aided by the discovery of a long lost maternal grandmother Ella (MacLaine).

“Maggie is like a child. She seems tough and outgoing, but she’s really very lonely, selfish and self-centered. To make her way through life, she can only use sexuality, looks and charisma. Eventually, she realizes these things are running dry, and that she must adopt a different way of living by relating to the people who love her. But she has always seen herself as a victim. She never takes responsibility for her actions, so she doesn’t really understand how she has arrived at such a bad place. When Rose throws her out, she truly has no friends to rely on, no place to go. She is desperate and terrified, and everything she does stem from that fear”, Cameron said on the role of Maggie.

When asked how she liked filming in a Florida retirement home, she answered, “I can’t wait to be that age and hanging out with a bunch of people all day playing golf and going to the beach. We’ll be laughing and having a good time, driving golf carts around and getting loopy on our prescription drugs. If you’re at that age and you’re not hooked up to a machine lying in bed with your loved ones around you asking if you need anything, you’re so lucky.”

I for one think that Cameron will still be active and bubbly when the time comes she has to retire from acting. She has that fun-loving personality apparent in some of her movie roles. Although less wild and more subdued now, she still knows how to have fun. I predict that this all-American beauty will still be a fixture in American cinema in the years to come.

Cameron in 1992 video scandal

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A short video reportedly starring Cameron Diaz way back in 1992 has found its way to the Internet. The leather fetish video features the star in a topless leather outfit, in fishnet stockings, together with a masked fellow in a loincloth and role-playing with another leather-clad model named Natasha. The two reportedly plays with their breasts while holding the masked fellow captive with chains.

The Russian-based Scandal-Inc. credits the video to American photographer John Rutter. Rutter has been locked in a Los Angeles Superior Court legal battle with the actress over her accusations that he tried to blackmail Cameron to keep topless pictures of the actress from reaching the Internet. Rutter has also filed a countersuit against Diaz, alleging breach of contract and fraud. A spokesman for the actress said that her attorneys have sent a cease-and-desist letter to Scandal-Inc. They demanded the tape to be withdrawn from the Internet.

Ronald Richards, the company’s lawyer, said that Rutter “has nothing to do with this Web site.” The tape was reportedly around for 12 years already and someone must have gotten a copy of it. “It’s not everyday people get to see the biggest female movie star in Hollywood in this type of an exciting role, and boy is she hot!” Losha, the one-name spokesman for Scandal-Inc., said in a press release.

This experience has taught Cameron to never repeat the mistakes she did when she was a young and free-spirited teenager modeling away from her family and friends. The wild partying like before has been left in the past. Cameron still goes out with friends occasionally for a night out in town, but the partying is moderate and in the company of close friends only. I believe that this actress has matured and is eager to keep scandals off her successful career as an actress.